The Secrets to Better Sleep When Camping with Kids

Published by 8/21/2018 After a hot, sunny day on the Green River in Colorado, my two sons (5 and 2), and my 10-month-old daughter all snoozed deeply, sprawled across our tent. My husband and I settled in beside them as the last light of the sun left the canyon walls, and the Milky Way blazed above... Continue Reading →


The Ante-Millennial

Published by Glenwood Springs Post Independent on August 7, 2018 Six years ago, my husband and I bought our first smartphones as tools to more conveniently capture thousands of pictures of our (then) new baby and share them with the ravening hordes of out-of-state family. But a year later, we ditched said smartphones after finding ourselves sitting... Continue Reading →

Toxic Identity Politics

Published by Glenwood Springs Post Independent July 10, 2018 Tracer rounds, fire restrictions, traffic congestion on 82, budget transparency for city councils, and mountain biking trails. What do these all have to do with national politics? Somewhere between very little and nothing. Yet, to read the comments on the paper's social media pages in regards to these... Continue Reading →

Pennywise Pipeline

Kids. Camping. Gear. Money. How to make it work for parents on a budget in the Roaring Fork Valley. Read more -------> Mountain Parent Magazine  

What he said is NOT news…

...And neither is what she said, for that matter. Post Independent Article, April, 2018 I have eavesdropped on hundreds of hours of gossip in my adult lifetime. Possibly thousands. It is, unfortunately, an occupational hazard of teaching middle school. As adolescents, we all struggled to find our place in a complex social society, testing norms... Continue Reading →


(Transcription of a note scribbled on the back of one of my homework handouts from mid-winter, 15-16. It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me.) I just realized how much I crave change. As a high pressure system settles above us, and everyone comments cheerfully on the calm blue skies, I begin watching... Continue Reading →

Social Media is Bruising the Wilderness

Glenwood Springs Post Independent, October 3rd, 2016 We are leveraging the secret, beautiful places of the world for brand enhancement, and this is leaving permanent scars on both the land and our society. Let me start by saying that I am a part of the problem, too. For example, last weekend, my husband and I... Continue Reading →

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