Glenwood Springs Post Independent, September 25, 2017 Dear POTUS, Where have you been? No, literally, where have you been? Besides ritzy hotels, posh beach resorts and perfectly manicured golf courses, where have your journeys actually taken you? Have you been to the desert beyond the pavement? You would have seen towering spires of red sandstone,... Continue Reading →

A Case Against Multi-Day Rafting

Published on NRS Duct Tape Diaries June 6, 2017 Someone you know has invited you on the river. They have a ‘permit’ and think you should join them for several days to float through the desert, mountains, or canyons on a big rubber raft. This may be your first time, and you’re a little nervous, but everyone... Continue Reading →

The Next Chapter: Dirtbag Parenting

Published on NRS Duct Tape Diaries, September 12, 2017 “Do you think we should still go?” I paused in my frantic food prep and looked around the house. Every corner, couch space and countertop was covered with a staggering amount of carefully vetted gear, dry bags, grocery bags, ziploc bags, layers, nutrition and safety precautions. Outside,... Continue Reading →

Audubon Guide to Native Ramp Users

Published by NRS Duct Tape Diaries  December 24, 2016 Introduction Rivers. They sustain life, create beauty, carve the densest rocks into fantastic canyons and attract a tremendous amount of bio­diversity. Flowing waters play an essential part in almost all terrestrial ecosystems, providing a backdrop for infinitely complex demonstrations of interrelationships, symbiosis, and adaptation. But within... Continue Reading →

School Violence: A False History Text

"Secure Schools: Excerpt from Educating America in the 22nd Century by Jack Markhum" Published by on January 4th, 2015 "Still having a great deal of sway over the education system, it was here that the Federal Government intervened with what would become a pivotal action: The Secure Schools Teacher Education Act of 2028. In this... Continue Reading →

Goldfish and Roadrage

What goldfish can teach us about roadrage- Glenwood Springs Post Independent   Before the Internet took over our lives, the road was the only way to anonymously unleash our frustration on complete strangers. It is still so easy, so deliciously righteous, to wallow in all the reasons why the person slowing you down in their... Continue Reading →

Because February

February is in the deep end playing sharks and minnows for the first and tenth time too many. Dive in to win, the only way is down. Once the weight is crushing, chlorine peeled pupils scour for direction. A burning squint is better than blind in the 12 feet below. Popped ears grope at the muted... Continue Reading →

although today is gray

Colorado has no averages. It does not have any medians. It has both ends of a number line, it has every page in a children’s book of opposites. It hasn’t taken the time to add together every extreme and come up with the middle. There is too much color, or none at all. There are... Continue Reading →

Educating the Undocumented- Our Best Mistake

Post Independent Article: 12/1   I was recently informed that our government is making a mistake. Surprise, surprise. This particular mistake, according to my source, is that our nation routinely gives away free public education to the children of undocumented immigrants — a huge drain on our already overburdened school system because these families “don’t... Continue Reading →

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