Trip Leading 101

Published on April 25, 2019 with NRS Duct Tape Diaries

So, you got yourself a river permit. Maybe you were one of the chosen few to receive a ‘congratulations’ in the mail, or maybe, like the rest of us, you refreshed your browser for the 605th time and snagged a cancellation.

Either way, you have access to a great time on the river and about twenty-five new best friends. This year, you feel ready to take on the mantle of trip leader (‘TL’) for the first time. You’ve seen it done right (and wrong) enough times in the past and are looking forward to the challenge.

Then, somewhere between shuttle calculus and the graphic estimation of groover capacity, you realize you have no idea where to begin. Planning for multiple people to thrive and survive on the river for several days is overwhelming even for veteran TL’s. While every river is different and every group of boaters has their own flavor of crazy, there are a few things that all good TL’s know how to do…

Click here to learn about:
– Communication Strategies
– Group Gear
– Group Meal Planning/Shopping
– Safety Tips
– A few more thoughts on leadership

Trip leading is a commitment for sure, and often an act of service for our friends and our rivers. The sense of pride that comes from this leadership role is powerful though, and when you look around and see the people you love hanging around the campfire, telling stories from the day, it feels good to know that you helped make this happen.


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