MTB LNT in Fruita

Published in Elevation Outdoors Magazine, April 2020

The town of Fruita, Colorado, is known for many one-of-a-kind attractions, including the Colorado National Monument, a bunch of dinosaur bones and the Hot Tomato Restaurant. The town also happens to be a gateway to over 250 miles of beautiful, single-track mountain bike trails in the high desert. 

Some time in the past two decades, Fruita firmly established itself as a mecca for mountain bikers, especially during the moderate temperatures of the Spring and Fall. From the fun, counterclockwise flow trails of 18 Road, to the views of the Colorado River from the Kokepelli Trail sections or the rocky technical sections of the Lunch Loops, there are areas for every skill level.

Because of the growing popularity of the sport, and the proximity of these trails to I-70, the number of visitors continues to increase every season. More users means more impact, and riders need to realize that if we want to have nice things, we need to take extra care of them and teach others how to do the same. 

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