Take Responsibility for Your Piece of the Internet

Published in the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, December, 2019

Where we choose to live our lives says a lot about us. Residents of a valley like ours are determined and independent. We are willing to put up with frequent highway closures, working on holidays and generally struggling to make ends meet in order to access abundant jobs or outdoor opportunities. We work hard to find community and create positive culture, and do our best despite the challenges.

Recently, however, there has been a mass migration. A huge percentage of our population has been spending a great deal of time in this new locale, creating identity and connections there every day. You may have seen people visiting this place around the table at restaurants, in their cars, or on the bench at the park. You most likely have family there, and perhaps enjoy sharing photos with friends.

We send our children there when they are bored, we take scrolling vacations when we are stressed, and we build up echo chamber islands around ourselves…

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