Get Kids Outside

In print with Spoke and Blossom Magazine, for their Fall, 2019 edition, I got to do a round up of some of the great programs which are working together in Grand Valley to get kids outside. Feature begins on pg. 66.

A few of the experts I spoke with for the piece are real boots-on-the-ground outdoor ed. professionals.

Clint Whitley, Outdoor Education Coordinator with Parachute Schools, Garfield 16 District, shared this with me about their revolutionary program: ‘I can’t connect every child [to nature], but if I can connect one or two, then it’s a success. It works like a pyramid scheme, really, if you get one or two [hooked], then they get their friends outside, and then their friends and family, and it spreads through the community.’

Rob Gay, Director of Education for Colorado Canyons Association, summed their mission like this: “We are working actively to make sure outdoor experiences are available to all, not just those with means. By working with donors, and applying for grants, we make sure all our programs are free for schools and students.’

Read more about these incredible programs and the research that continues to support the idea that children thrive in the outdoors.

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