Four Letter Words

Lindsay DeFrates is a freelance writer in Colorado. She specializes in creative non-fiction, SEO enhancement content creation and sarcastic opinion columns.The story of my life in the mountains, wrangling kids and words- some profanity required.

Freelance writing in the real world after life as a dirtbag is not easy. Right now it involves mostly budgets, a house, three kids, lots of work, and yes, even a minivan which is totally NOT lame…

This blog is where I get to write my stories about being an outdoor adventure lover, former English teacher, mother of three, wife of one and generally re-fucking-spectable person. I love writing content for clients, for SEO enhancement, and pretty much anywhere else, but this is where I get to toss out all the rules about content creation. Forget assigned keywords, word count, and appropriate vocabulary.

I chose to call it ‘Four Letter Words’ for a number of reasons. Most importantly, I love every single word I have ever met, the bad ones included, because they give us the chance to tell stories. And the right words, used in exactly the right place, tell really good fucking stories.

I also believe that the rules which polite society demands we follow do not often lead to anywhere I want to be, and are a little arbitrary. Expletives are a great example of this. Why those words? Why so naughty?

Rafting through westwater canyon. A creative non-fiction about this Utah experience is one hell of a story.

If you chose to come back over the next few months, you will be exposed to a great deal more profanity and maybe a few good stories about life as a former dirtbag who is groping her way through real life like she forgot to bring backup batteries for her headlamp.

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