although today is gray

Colorado has no averages. It does not have any medians. It has both ends of a number line, it has every page in a children’s book of opposites. It hasn’t taken the time to add together every extreme and come up with the middle. There is too much color, or none at all. There are... Continue Reading →

Road Rage and Goldfish

9.4.09 My husband and I lived last winter in Marble. Renting a small cabin that did not allow pets within its slightly slanted homestead walls, we naturally resorted to goldfish. Four of them: El Guapo, Fezzig, G'Nesh, and a white one which may or may not remember the name that we forgot we gave him.... Continue Reading →

Would this have won a house?

A year and a half ago, a couple was trying to sell their home in the Red Feather Lakes region (on the Front Range near Fort Collins) to no success. So instead they created an essay contest with a $100 entry fee and 500 word limit, and once they had 2,000 entries they would pick the best one... Continue Reading →

How to survive in the desert

6.17.08 And the summer heat I now understand. Soak it in. Try to pinpoint the exact origin of all the waves of dry, hot air which assail your legs, or back or face. Do not be afraid of what the brutal rays of direct noon-time sun will do to the top of your head. Your... Continue Reading →

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