Pennywise Pipeline

Kids. Camping. Gear. Money. How to make it work for parents on a budget in the Roaring Fork Valley. Read more -------> Mountain Parent Magazine  

Social Media is Bruising the Wilderness

Glenwood Springs Post Independent, October 3rd, 2016 We are leveraging the secret, beautiful places of the world for brand enhancement, and this is leaving permanent scars on both the land and our society. Let me start by saying that I am a part of the problem, too. For example, last weekend, my husband and I... Continue Reading →

A Case Against Multi-Day Rafting

Published on NRS Duct Tape Diaries June 6, 2017 Someone you know has invited you on the river. They have a ‘permit’ and think you should join them for several days to float through the desert, mountains, or canyons on a big rubber raft. This may be your first time, and you’re a little nervous, but everyone... Continue Reading →

The Next Chapter: Dirtbag Parenting

Published on NRS Duct Tape Diaries, September 12, 2017 “Do you think we should still go?” I paused in my frantic food prep and looked around the house. Every corner, couch space and countertop was covered with a staggering amount of carefully vetted gear, dry bags, grocery bags, ziploc bags, layers, nutrition and safety precautions. Outside,... Continue Reading →

Audubon Guide to Native Ramp Users

Boat Ramps can vary tremendously in appearance and are rarely hard to find. Some, barely a muddy, rutted surface cutting through willows, while others are wide swathes of concrete accommodating six school buses and towering stacks of hypalon. In recent decades, these incredible examples of unique eco-geography have increased in number and use, and can... Continue Reading →

Boating, Blondes and Bear Spray

Published on NRS Duct Tape Diaries, April 1, 2016. “Do you think they’ll have bear spray in Craig? I’m pretty sure they’d have bear spray there.” “I dunno, it’s kind of a small town, and we’ll just sort of hit the western edge of it…” I was stalling, desperately trying to avoid yet another stop on... Continue Reading →

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