Because February

February is in the deep end playing sharks and minnows for the first and tenth time too many. Dive in to win, the only way is down. Once the weight is crushing, chlorine peeled pupils scour for direction. A burning squint is better than blind in the 12 feet below. Popped ears grope at the muted... Continue Reading →

Desert Romantic

Why do I go back to the places I’ve been? To the places I have already mapped and frozen In the well-behaved memory of film? Why return when I can say 'yes' To 'Have you ever?' Because I know which trail ends on a cliff Where the swallows dive and beckon, And that after the deep-shade... Continue Reading →


One thing at a time was not enough to remember. Today through last August dates the papers, cornered by legal pad pages tiling beige carpet with 'to do', as the sad, damning bills stack unopened, but potent. Don't the bottles pile up too, with glinting glass fuzzed madrugadas beside the porcelain sink blinking pristine dust.... Continue Reading →

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