Glenwood Springs Post Independent, September 25, 2017 Dear POTUS, Where have you been? No, literally, where have you been? Besides ritzy hotels, posh beach resorts and perfectly manicured golf courses, where have your journeys actually taken you? Have you been to the desert beyond the pavement? You would have seen towering spires of red sandstone,... Continue Reading →

Educating the Undocumented- Our Best Mistake

Post Independent Article: 12/1   I was recently informed that our government is making a mistake. Surprise, surprise. This particular mistake, according to my source, is that our nation routinely gives away free public education to the children of undocumented immigrants — a huge drain on our already overburdened school system because these families “don’t... Continue Reading →

What We Call Teachers: The Rhetoric of Martyrdom

Glenwood Springs Post Independent October 16, 2015 Across our drama-hungry nation, the media is abuzz with reports of the country-wide ‘teacher shortage.’ Columnists, anchors, and NPR murmerers are eloquently wringing their hands and pointing their fingers at a variety of causes, as school districts sink further into ‘crisis.’ Here in our valley, this issue has been... Continue Reading →

Re-write our chapter

Published: Post Independent. October 30, 2013 Someday our children and grandchildren will be handed a battered, secondhand American history text book (or maybe an ebook subscription, whatever). What will our chapter read? “Congress threatened the first of many American loan defaults in 2013 after lawmakers ‘shut down’ the government and were unable to reach... Continue Reading →


The Denver Post, February 7th, 2014 I teach seventh- and eighth-graders English and language arts in a small town in the middle of big mountains. Some students really like me. Some students really don't. Some students love English; some do not. My students all wonder why I hate them so much that I make them... Continue Reading →

Litigation is (not) the Answer!

As a teacher in the public school system of the Roaring Fork Valley, I have thought about what I would do if someone brought a gun into my school. I have played through a hundred scenarios in my head about where I would stand and when I would act. All teachers have. It is terrifying.... Continue Reading →

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