A World of Kairos

My young son’s proclivity for nasal probing brought to light a very metaphysical realization: Most of us are now living awkwardly in the world of Kairos.

Family Camping for One Night Always Sucks

Don't get me wrong, my kids all adore camping. They love the campfire, the tent, the sleeping bags, the stories and the snuggles, but at no point in the idyllic, headlamped reading of Mo William's newest stroke of pre-school genius do my husband or I ever assume that we will get a sufficient amount of sleep that night.

Faceblind on Friday

On a blazing hot Friday afternoon, I pulled up at my oldest son’s elementary school on my sweet ride- an old, green, Trek bike, aka the Grocery-Getter. I was towing the two younger siblings in a much newer, blue, Burley trailer which I would never have been able to afford if it wasn’t for those... Continue Reading →

No, Rec.gov Doesn’t Fund Public Lands

A version of this piece was published on OutdoorProject.org in July, 2019. You know what’s great about Recreation.gov? It’s just so dang pretty. It’s got those neat, friendly-looking calendars that let you see which campsites you can still reserve exactly 45 seconds after the permits became available and exactly two minutes before they’re all gone.... Continue Reading →

Reality Check: Kids

Fun fact, 'kids' are a four letter word. I wanted to share what happened immediately after I hit 'publish' on my first-ever, high adventure, carefully worded, all grown-up blog post. Literally the moment after my finger left the track pad, I rushed a crying toddler to the potty, then came back to change a poopy... Continue Reading →

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