Goldfish and Roadrage

What goldfish can teach us about roadrage- Glenwood Springs Post Independent   Before the Internet took over our lives, the road was the only way to anonymously unleash our frustration on complete strangers. It is still so easy, so deliciously righteous, to wallow in all the reasons why the person slowing you down in their... Continue Reading →

“Secure Schools”

Published: Issue 12 Secure Schools (Excerpt from Educating America in the 22nd Century by Jack Martin) Contract Negotiation of 2108 (Secure Schools and the NTU) The now famous contract negotiations of  2108 dynamically shifted the balance of power in the United States and held global ramifications for future policy. It was in those negotiations... Continue Reading →

Travel Guide Entry

The Battle of Hops: Gettysburg of the West When passing by the Front Range of the Colorado Rockies, any historian will no doubt appreciate a stop at the Memorial to the Battle of Hops just south of Fort Collins. A little known, but extremely bloody conflict in early 21st century, the Microbrew Wars were started... Continue Reading →


I wrote this myth when I was an instructor for Outward Bound in the summer of 2007. *A quick note about dates: Whatever date I include with a piece is the original day it was written. I may have edited since then, but many of these posts will be from old journals or assignments that... Continue Reading →

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